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>> and woman is fighting for her life tonight after a car plowed into her. >> that is just not right. dozens of vehicles were slashed in a maryland
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neighborhood. abc7 is on storm watch. we have all you need to know for tomorrow. captioned by the national captioning institute and a woman is being treated for critical injuries as police search for the driver that ran her down. she was struck in silver springs last night. stephen, what have you learned? >> we spoke with a man who says he is the victim's cousin. she is a 24-year-old woman from guatemala. she flew through the air and landed underneath that black truck across the street. tonight, that woman is fighting for her life. police are looking for a hit- and-run driver. citizens of this community wants something done to get the cars to slowdown. it happened a little after 8:00 p.m.. the woman had either just crossed the street or was about
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to cross when a small, dark car hit her with such force that witnesses say they saw her fly through the air. she landed underneath a truck, parked some 30 feet from the point of impact. >> she was thrown. they could not have drugged her. she was from. >> the vehicle vanished. fast-moving cars are a common sight along this stretch. they say some motorists ignore the pedestrian sign. >> some cars make a stop but some cars never do is stop. >> the hit-and-run took place across the street from an elementary school. jose worries about his little girl and the other children who lived nearby. he believes that more needs to be done to get traffic to slow down when school is out. >> in the mornings, it is school because they stopped at the
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school. when nobody or the children is here, they speed. >> meanwhile, the searches on for the hit-and-run driver. the vehicle had to a sustained substantial damage. they also say that the driver had to have known the woman had been severely injured, but simply chose to keep on going. tonight, that woman remains in critical condition while they hunt for the hit and run driver. >> thank you, stephen. we have a developing story a woman accused of stabbing a social worker in chevy chase back in 2004 has been killed at a state psychiatric hospital in maryland. susan sacks was killed by a fellow patient with a strained ligature. she was found last night
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facedown in her bed. she and taylor had room in the same hallway. there is no word yet on a motive. she was supposed to remain there until she was no longer deemed a threat. taylor was there for committing a previous murder as well. we are on storm watch tonight. we had some rain today. much more is on the way today. >> tomorrow's rush hour commute could be a wet one. we're looking at not only heavy rain, but a few rumbles of thunder it could be severe weather by tomorrow night and into morning and. showers will move into the immediate metro area. the heaviest rain is to the south of us. what can we expect? our temperatures will fall into the upper 50's. it will only be upper-60's downtown. we could pick up 1 inch to 2 inches of rain.
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there could be possibly 3 inches to 5 inches of rain in virginia. we have more on that in a little bit. a mystery in maryland tonight. police are trying to figure out why someone slashed the tires of more than 30 vehicles. many of them were the same make and the same color. this happened near the golden mile in frederick. that is where jake joins us. >> i am actually standing by one of the 31 vehicles a that was vandalized. as you can see, the front right tire was slashed. we will now go back to the backside of the vehicle. this is one of the reasons why there are so many are outraged at the austell city -- at the audacity of this. most vehicles were work vehicles. in many cases, they got two tires. >> summit in with their radar and when they did it, especially when you hit 31 vehicles. >> they tried to ruin my whole
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day, to be honest with you. >> they cannot believe that someone would have the gall to mess not only with their tires, but with also their livelihood. >> i unfortunately, you are looking at a day off work. >> late saturday night and into early sunday morning, someone slashed the tires on 31 neighborhoods in a normally quiet subdivision. >> i saw one tire. 50 minutes later, i saw that it was up -- 15 minutes late, i saw that it was another one in front. >> he just replaced the front right tire. now it says the flooded. .- now it's its deflated -- now it sits deflated. >> it seems they targeted hardworking men with families. >> when they drove her around, it looks like every vehicle vandalize was a work van or
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truck. >> it is like somebody got fired and they are just mad and every -- mad at everybody that is working, i guess. >> somebody last doubt that somebody who fixes your sink or installs your sprint were system. just to give you a sense -- my finger is pointing at one of the slash marks. someone suggested that it might be a small knife that was used. there some other tires that were slashed in another part of the committee earlier this week. they are looking to see if they may be linked. >> dick, thank you. -- jake, thank you. a fire broke that yesterday morning on east and el road. it included a deli, a hair salon, and an insurance office. two firefighters suffered heat-
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related injuries. the cause of the fire has my yet been determined. they were nearly burned in an act of defiance. but now hundreds of qurans are being distributed to churches around the country pastor mahoney -- around the country. pastor mahonias sure bidding that appeared he does -- father mahoney is distributing them. >> we believe in god. >> reverend mahoney says that the hope that the churches and missionary groups that receive an will use it as an educational tool. i think that is something we
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have to determine. i have to talk to the presumptive mayor. but i think the important thing to realize is that education reform can continue in deceit, regardless of whether i am therefore not. >> -- in nbc, regardless of whether i am there or not. -- in d.c., regardless of whether i am there or not. today was supposed to be an easy win for the redskins. but that is not at all how it went. >> it was supposed to be an easy win parent but the skins wasted -- an easy win. but the skins wasted an opportunity. they got behind early and could not come back. they were handled by the st. louis rams. in the first quarter, there was the back steven jackson went up
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the middle. he broke left and a couple of tackles. it was a 42-yard touchdown. then the rams scored again in the second quarter. donovan mcnabb rolled. he found santana moss. the skins move closer. in the third quarter, 16-14 st. louis. itnneth darby ran a in in. later, we will have some interesting things from albert haynesworth. coming next, shark attack in virginia. the teenager who was bitten will tell his story >>. i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. >> he is one of the most influential pastors in the nation.
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now the anti-gay pastor is defending himself against
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stay in down. >> tension and commotion of board a delta airlines flight that was forced to make an emergency landing. it was forced to land at jfk after the landing gear got stuck. the flight attendant was telling passengers to stay down. in the end, the airplane landed safely. and virginia teenager is recovering after a shark bit him. they went surfing near virginia beach. they were in the water standing next to their boards when they found something brushup next to them. >> i immediately jumped onto my board to get out of the water. i started to lean back and i it felt a sharp pain on my knee. >> his friends managed to get him out of the water and got him
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help. he needed 51 stitches to close the cuts on his ankle and his need. experts plan to examine the bike marks on the surfboard to discover what kind of shark bit him. a pastor in a prominent church in atlanta has returned to the pulpit after being by a boy i of being lured into a relationship -- of being blurred into a relationship with him. -- of being lured into a relationship with him. >> i have never in my life portray myself as a perfect man. but i am not the man who that is being portrayed on the television. that is not me. >> in a fourth lawsuit filed on
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friday against the pastor, legrande saysgran that they had sex each night on a trip to kenya and that they slept together in the same bed. he said -- he says he chose boys who were above the legal consent. >> i will not try this case in the media. it will be tried in a court of justice. >> for now, some members of the condition are supportive. others are not so much. >> -- 9 >> 25 members are wondering what is going on. >> ministers have gotten together to say they are praying for him.
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we have a recall involving because of a steering problem. the recall affects 2011 models sold between december of last year and this september. car owners should see their dealers and have their vehicles inspected. "the washington examiner" said that the navy will create a fence for security upgrades. the secret service says they are needed and not because of any threat. he has frequently been the butt of jokes on "saturday night live." but governor paterson stroke last night that he can give as good as he gets. >> ladies and gentlemen, i
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wanted to come here before my time as governor of the great state of new york comes to an end. working in albany is very much like watching "saturday night live." there are a lot of characters whose top for 10 minutes and then you just want them to go away. [applause] [laughter] i was a little bit shocked that he appeared. >> a good sport. >> absolutely. we are looking forward to the rain. but we're not looking forward to a lot of rain. especially during the rush hour commute tomorrow morning. along pennsylvania avenue in the last hour, the wind was not going. moderate to heavy rains are expected for the overnight hours. here is what it's going on with our live doppler radar. we are looking at moderate rains at this time. head to southern maryland, and that is where the heaviest showers have been this evening.
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it is moving to these. but there is a lot more on the way over the next few hours and over the next couple of days. there have already been seven tenths of an inch of rain in the southwest. the high temperatures today were only 60 degrees. it is 62 degrees in the district at children's hospital. i expect the weather changed by this time tomorrow night. leesburg is 64 degrees. our high temperature this morning was 76 degrees. temperatures slowly fell over the overnight hours and during the afternoon hours. this is where we should be for this time of year. 96 degrees is the record back in 1993.
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there is cooler air off to the north and west. there are frosted visors for northern wisconsin. but, for us, we are watching a lot of rain. the low pressure continues to spin and spin. heavy rain is expected across southwestern virginia where there is already a flood watch. i wish the -- the weather service will likely call a flood advisory for the metro area tomorrow. a slow-moving system will take a couple of days to get out of here. in roanoke and southwestern virginia, we are talking about the potential for 3 inches to 5 inches of rain. there is the potential of severe weather come tomorrow night and tuesday morning. for tomorrow morning, the rain will continue. temperatures will be in the
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60's. the daytime highs will be in the upper-60's to the lower-70's. then it will be a nice day on wednesday with a chance for showers on thursday. it will be cooler for the upcoming weekend. we are lower than where we should be for reagan national. >> we will take as much as we can. it is a good weekend to can. it is a good weekend to watch a
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you again. >> yes, it is me again. the redskins are not happy tonight. they are scratching their heads and and, wondering how in the world of the team could have lost to the scratching their heads, wondering in the worl
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to put it simply, the redskins were out-coached and outplayed today and were embarrassed by the rams. jackson gets the ball right up the mellow, breaks a tackle and another tackle. 42 yards later, he is in the end zone. later in the first quarter, there is more trouble for the skins. donovan mcnabb found santana moss. but there goes the ball. james butler gathers and runs it all away to the skin's's 5. 5.the skins' donovan mcnabb capitalizes.
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he rolls and finds his favorite receiver, santana moss. touchdown for the redskins' 22 yards out. in the third quarter, mcnabb is a down to santana moss again. the skins unfortunately had to settle for a field goal. it was 16-14 grams at that point. kenneth darby broke tackles. there was one last shot for the skins in the fourth appeared it was picked off by bradley -- in the fourth. it was picked off by bradley. haynesworth gives us his look. >> they want to come in here and beat them. but they are and all of them -- but they are an nfl team, too. they get trapped picks. you cannot leave them off the hook. -- they get draft picks.
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you cannot leave them off the hook. we just did not capitalize. >> their quarterback showed a lot of poise. he made some plays there. it was a credit to them, keeping the ball away from us as much as they did. >> one of the biggest questions that came out of today's game is what happened to portis after running very effectively in the first half? he clearly was not hurt. he did not seem to know why he did not play more. >> i have no idea. i go out and prepare and they call you when they call you. i have to cheer my teammates on. i am the support they need me to be. >> of the redskins' next opponent are the eagles.
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the skins have to find a way to cool off the highest qb in football. the nationals and braves play this afternoon. in the bottom of the seventh inning, it was tied at 2. danny espinoza, that was enough. they had a huge trade in the nba. reports are that the nuggets are holding out hope that anthony will stay in denver and sign the $65 million contract that is on the table. that is what they are offering right now. >> take-it-or-leave-it
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we have fall like temperatures. >> a lot of rain. take it easy.
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we'll see temperatures around 73 degrees. there could be 1 inch to 2 inches of rain in the metro area. there will be no flooded visor is for the immediate area. it could changed by tomorrow night. "good morning, washington" goes on at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. ♪ ♪
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